friends and family sharing breakfast coffee

Our Vision

Famille is a gathering place for friends, kin, and community. A casual cafe where everyone is welcome, we serve breakfast and lunch from 6:30am-3pm, and are open for private events in the evening.

As the French word for family, Famille is derived from famulus, meaning familiar, tribe. More recently it's been defined as an emotionally supportive network of adults and children.

We strive to be part of that network, a place where neighbors and friends can come together to eat, drink, and gather.

Meet the Team

We've poured our hearts and souls into making Famille a warm and welcoming gathering space, delicious cafe, and hub of activity for the community of Falls Church.

Katie McCormack

General Manager

Katie is a friendly, people-person who strikes a remarkable balance between managing the business of business and accommodating our customers. Katie began her career as a Fortune 500 employee, became proficient in opening and managing retail organizations, and evolved into a trainer. She understands the importance of efficiency and service and delivers excellence in both.

Maria Martinez

Head Chef

Maria is a professionally trained chef who infuses every dining experience with culinary expertise and an unforgettable smile. Maria discovered her passion for cooking while studying beside an executive chef in Mexico City. With skills honed in California and now Virginia, she delivers deliciously blended flavor and a dash of personality to every dish she creates.

Plan Your Next Event With Famille...

Would you love to host an interesting speaker, retirement party, mommy and me class or other special event with us?