Falls Church Arts

Falls Church Arts is a non-profit organization established in 2003 that serves the D.C. Metro area. We are dedicated to making the arts a vital and integral part of our community and to celebrating the creative energies of our artists and supporting members.

On February 25, 2017, Falls Church Arts opened its gallery and classroom at 700-B West Broad Street next door to Famille Cafe. This facility houses a diverse range of arts events, music, film, and instruction and studio arts classes.

Falls Church Arts also has programs – EXPANDING THE ARTS and pARTicipate – for the creation and display of art outside the studio and galleries. These programs bring art to the people and public spaces in our community and encourage pARTicipation in the arts with The Halloween Paint In, Chalk Walks, “Scenes in the City” Plein Air Festival, and others. Many of our patrons and artists are familiar with our weekly booth at the Falls Church Farmer’s Market (when weather permits), begun in 2013-14.

Falls Church Arts has been awarded grants from The Little City CATCH Foundation to help fund our operations and programming. Learn more about Falls Church Arts on their website.


Featured Artist: Pamela Huffman

"I am an abstract acrylic artist who has lived in Falls Church since 1992. I have worked as a graphic designer,
an outdoor educator, a birth doula and now an artist.

My art captures my wonder of both the natural world that surrounds me and the internal world of my
thoughts and emotions. I turn to art to quiet down, push the thoughts and emotions aside, and communicate
in a world beyond words—the world of painting. In my art, I convey my connection to the past and to the
natural world of forests and seas simultaneously, giving thanks for all of the moments I’ve experienced
in this lifetime. Whether they were happy or sad, filled with regret or hope, I am grateful to have had the
experience and to now weave those moments into my artwork.

I work in the abstract because I love the idea that I can make an image with one memory or idea in mind
and it can speak of something completely different to the viewer. We have entered that world without
words together, through making and viewing my painting. I consider myself an intuitive painter, making
marks and following where the painting leads me. I enjoy working with texture and a palette inspired by
the outdoors.

As a lifelong learner and educator, I love learning new things—new processes and products fascinate me
and I enjoy integrating them into my painting practice. I feel passionately that each of us is an artist and
has the ability to create meaningful work; sometimes we need a little help finding that part of us again. I
am happy to work with anyone who would like to reconnect with that lost part of themselves and to help
them begin an adventure using simply a brush, a canvas and some paint."

Pamela Huffman's Artwork

NestledWithin Pamela

ThroughBrighteningAir Pamela

NeverthelessShePersisted Pamela

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