Featured Artist: John Ballou

Portrait of Artist John BallouJohn Ballou is a longtime resident of Falls Church and recently retired George Mason High School teacher who has long hoped to concentrate more of his time on individual projects in the visual arts. While a teacher of art and technology, he has also been a scenic designer, a media artist, a lighting and sound specialist, a filmmaker and animator, and a robotics team mentor, all of these activities requiring drawing and painting or at least some form of visual communication skills. After 37 years of a great career, he can now put much more time into creating objects of visual contemplation and graphic playfulness for a discerning clientele or at least for his own amusement.

John has been described as versatile—"all over the place”—in choices of subject matter and medium. He has begun to participate in local shows and relishes his new association with the Falls Church Arts community that has grown so much over the years. He approaches drawing with pencil or brush as a roundabout journey, color as a game of optical trial and error, and composition as a realm made free by the history of art, which makes possible all manner of approaches to two-dimensional visual thinking. He can only hope some of his work will ultimately be considered fine art.

For a glimpse of past and recent work, visit his work-in-progress website at  https://www.ballouworks.com

John Ballou's Artwork

John has several pieces on display at Famille, and many more in private collections as well.

Original painting by John Ballou of Falls Church Arts titled Nautiloid


John Ballou original artwork on display through Falls Church Arts and Famille Cafe titled Sunscape


Artist John Ballou's abstract small guitar on display at Famille Cafe in Falls Church Virginia

Small Guitar

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